Why Do Google Have Such Funny Names For Their Updates?

With Google rolling out multiple updates month after month to refine their Search Engine algorithms they do seem to come up with the strangest of names.

  1. Pigeon
  2. Panda
  3. Penguin
  4. Hummingbird

To name but a few.

While it may seem totally strange that they come up with all these odd names they do have some reason and design behind them.

The guys over at Search Engine Watch have done some research and looked at all the different names and found out why and how they come up with these odd terms, so it seems there is some method to the madness 🙂

Google itself was initially named after the creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin adapted the name googol, which is the number 1 followed by one hundred zeros.

As they continually update their algorithm this timeline shows us the different effects of each update and the things that we have to look out for as we continue our SEO programs for clients.

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