Top 3 Ways To Use Facebook Retargeting

If you don’t know what Facebook retargeting is I can guarantee that you have seen it in action.

Remember that website you went to where you looked at their cool gadgets and then you suddenly started seeing their posts or ads appearing your news feed offering you discounts?

You’ve been retargeted!

That website you visited is now chasing you around Facebook showing you more information about them and their services to try and convert you to come back and take action with them.

In a nutshell retargeting is a super simple concept with very powerful applications.

In order to set it up you simply create pixel with Facebook and place that on every page of your website in the header.

You then setup a custom audience for a website that you control and Facebook will start gathering data on the people that visit and add them to your future audience.

You now have your own audience of people that have visited your website that you can show your ads to.

So what are the top three ways that you can start using your custom audience?

  1. Promote your blog posts to your custom audience.
    Creating content takes time and effort.  Just posting that content to your blog doesn’t guarantee that it will get too many eyeballs on it.  The most successful blogs don’t just create content, they promote the content they create.
    Use your custom audience to promote your content to an audience of people who you know are interested in your services.  They already visited your site so show them your content and get them engaged with you and your brand.
  2. Retarget people for your email list:
    This is the most powerful feature of custom audiences which will allow you to specifically target people who visit your site but did not take a particular action.
    If you’re trying to grow an email list by offering a free download of an e-book or white paper you can tailor your custom audience to specifically target people that visited your website bit didn’t sign up to your email list.
    You can then tailor your ads to just show to people who have not already signed up to your list and save those advertising dollars by not wasting showing ads to people who already signed up.
  3. Promote specific products you know people are interested in:
    Much like retargeting people for your email list you can set up specific custom audiences for products.
    Let’s say you sell running shoes.  You can create a tailored audience for all the different brands of shoe that you sell based on the category pages of your website.
    Filter that custom audience so that your ads will only show to people who haven’t purchased and then create specific ad sets to target users who visited each of the different brands.  You can even offer them a discount voucher in the ad to try and get them back to your store and encourage them to buy.

The great thing about using Facebooks retargeting pixel is that you only have to create it once and add it to your site across all pages.

The filtering can then all be done from within your ad sets so no need to have to tag pages individually.

If you don’t have Facebook retargeting setup then you are missing out on a some great opportunities so make sure you get that tracking pixel implemented into your website today and start collecting data.

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