The Number 1 To Think ABout When Designing Your Website

Designing a website for your business is an important thing.

You want to represent your style, your brand, your products, your team and your all round awesomeness to anyone who happens to visit it.

You know so much about your company and the good work that you do that how could you possibly fit it all into a neat little web design.

You simply have to find a way to tell your customers everything about you.

Well, here’s the thing.

Your customers don’t really care about you as much as you think.


They care about themselves and what you can do for them.

When creating your website keep the customer in mind and ask this important question right from the start.

What action do I want them to take when they visit my site?

A lot of clients I ask that question tell me they just want people to be able to find them and read a bit about their company.


Think about it.

You don’t really want people to come to your place of business, ask a bunch of questions and then leave do you?

Of course not.

So treat your website like your place of business and put into place some actions that will help to generate business directly from your site.

These can be things such as.

Lead Generation:

If you want to generate leads to start with from your site then think about how you might do that.

  1. Offer a free download
  2. Offer a free appointment / assessment
  3. Have a competition

Direct Sales:

If you actually sell a product or service then you can focus on direct e-commerce sales from the website with an online shopping cart.

Make sure that your order process is nice and easy for clients to find exactly what they want, order and pay with the minimal number of clicks and frustration.

Direct Calls:

If you run an appointment based type of business maybe you need to get people to call you to book in.

Think about the way that phone number is accessible in your site.

  1. Can you click to call?
  2. Is it a free phone number?
  3. Can I see the phone number on every page clearly?

There are also lots of ways to help automate the booking process so maybe if right now you are trying to get people to call your business there could be other ways that will help to streamline that process using automated Booking Engine tools.

Making It Go Viral:

If you want your site to go viral then you will need to put some serious work into your content and then promote to the right places.

You can also look at adding exclusive offers or deals to the site that the visitor can only access if they share it in their social media feeds, such as saving a dollar amount off of their order.

Once you have your design sorted and the website up and live then you need to get some traffic.

Check out our Small Business SEO Guide for some tips on working out what your visitors might be looking for and how to improve your rankings to your website.