People Ask Google The Strangest Things

Google are always testing different things and in the last few months they have been testing “People Also Ask” where they show other things people have asked in relation to whatever it is you are searching for.

This returns results with a drop down option so you can expand on the result and get more information on these other topics that might expand your original search into something that you may not have previously thought of.

This could certainly be useful, though the result I saw today certainly seems to be a little let’s just say left of centre.

When searching for a Wedding Page Builder app Google told me that People also asked;

How much does it cost to see a marriage counselor?


How much is a wheel of cheese?

As we create content for copywriting it’s always useful to know what terms Google are related to our main term we are looking to rank for when optimising any SEO program.

Not to sure how a Marriage Counselor and a Wheel of cheese fit together in an article though (except this one).