NBN Coming To Noosa – Finally!

Finally we are on the list to get NBN – hooray…!!

In a previous post I wrote about this and how much difference it will make after traveling extensively for a period last year and getting to experience internet speeds in other countries it really highlighted just how poor Australian internet speeds are.

Castaways Beach, Noosa Heads, Sunrise Beach and Sunshine Beach can all expect Nbn™ technology to be available in June 2017. Noosaville, Tewantin and Cooroibah are planned to follow between October-December 2017. With Doonan and Tinbeerwah expecting availability in the first quarter of 2018 according to the NBN rollout plan from Noosa Council.

This will mean some great things for local business in the area with the ability to work faster and get more done.

With the increase in use of video these days the limitation of current network speeds is really hampering some business’ since it is just to slow to be able to really keep up with the digital space.

And want to do live streaming, conference calls, screen shares, Google Hangouts. Well you can, but it can be a very painful experience.

Unfortunately some of the predictions for speed are not that great as a lot of the infrastructure will still be reliant on Telstra’s old copper cabling and not fibre, but if it can give us even 20% of the promised speeds we are told from our provider of 100mb download and 40mb upload speeds the I will be pretty happy with that improvement.

If you want to see if you are on the list for NBN then you can check out the service coverage here.