Google Ads New Quality Score

Google ads have always had a “quality score” metric applied to them but it’s always been a bit of a mystery what that actually was.

Google ads quality scoreNow Google have actually released an official white paper to try and help demystify that.

In some ways it does help, but like most things Google publish, it just adds a little more to the mystery of how Google works.

Specifically they say that Devices matter while Account Structure doesn’t.

Over the years I’ve been involved with hundreds of PPC campaigns and one thing we have always found is that the Account Structure matters.  A Lot!

Having a clear and focussed structure to your ad groups combined with relevant keywords greatly improves the relevance of ads.

So thanks Google for the update, we’ll certainly take this on board as search is an ever learning ever evolving world of data and change, but we’ll also stick to methodologies that we know are tried and tested time and time again to help create great PPC Campaigns.