Why You Don’t Need A Facebook Page

You Do Not Need A Facebook Page..!!!

Phew, there I said it and it feels good.

say-no-to-facebookI have lost count of the number of clients I speak to that want to set up their social media presence so they are across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TwitterGoogle+, YouTube or whatever other social network their friends down the pub tell them they should be on.

I always ask clients “What do you want to achieve?

Invariably the answer comes back to one of four main answers:

  1. I want more traffic
  2. I want more sales
  3. I want more leads
  4. Not really sure (this is more common than you might think)

So here’s the thing.  Facebook is awesome, its got a bazzilion users now, you can super target ads on their down to a micro niche, you can create fun and engaging content that your users will love you for and share and like and comment on (maybe).

But here’s the reality.

  1. Facebook ads cost money to run and they take a lot of time to manage.
  2. That funny little anecdote you spent ages writing will likely only get seen by 3-4% of your fans even though you spent like 2 hours thinking about it and crafting it exactly right.

What you need to consider is the ROI of your efforts

  • Can you actually generate leads from Facebook effectively for a reasonable cost. And don’t forget even if you aren’t paying for ads and you’re just creating content to share your time is still valuable.
  • Are you able to effectively track your conversions from Facebook with your Web Analytics to see if the visitors you do generate are turning into customers or are they just window shoppers?
  • Have you got the time to spend messing around on Facebook writing content, posting images, interacting with your Fans and engaging in other groups to get credibility in your niche?
  • Does it actually make sense for you to have a Facebook page for your business right now or even at all?
  • Do you have the experience to run this yourself or are you better of getting a professional to help you with your social media campaign?

I’m not saying don’t have a Facebook Page but consider your business Goals first

Make sure that you have the time to utilise any social media accounts that you do have effectively and to a regular schedule, whether that’s 3 times a day or once a week.  Dont be sporadic and only post once every 6 months, that looks worse than not having one at all.

Pick your social media platforms.  You dont have to be on all of them and some may just not work for you.  Think about YouTube as an example do you have time or the ability to create videos for your business?

Finally whatever you do make sure that you track it.  Set Goals in your Web Analytics and use tracking URLS so that you can really see where visitors come from and how that traffic performs.  This way you can really find out what works and focus on the right are for your business.

If you’re wondering what your digital marketing strategy  should be consider your goals, get a clear picture of what you want to achieve before jumping on the Facebook bandwagon.