Videos can do so many things for your website. For one, they build trust. People want to buy from people they know. Seeing your face, talking to them person to person is far more impactful than reading text on a screen. Videos are also more engaging, which means people stay on your site longer. Finally, videos can be used to explain complex ideas in an interesting way. You can help your customers understand your product, without having to spend pages explaining it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to use video to improve your conversions.

The Video Sales Letter

The video salesletter has made a big splash over the last few years. Video salesletters often convert as much as 3 to 5 times higher than traditional salesletters. Essentially, this is a video that replaces your entire salesletter. It’s the whole sales process, in a video.

The video needs to go through the same process as a regular salesletter. You need to catch attention, generate interest, build desire, prove your claims and then get them to act right now.

The Explainer Video

The explainer video is used to explain the main idea behind the product. It’s generally around a 3 minute video. It’s not the entire sales process, but it is a major part of it. It helps explain difficult concepts, as well as to demonstrate the product in action.

The explainer video is generally the preferred tool for websites that care about their brand. The explainer video looks great, builds trust and improves conversions. The video salesletter on the other hand improves conversions, but isn’t great for branding since the entire site is just one video.

The Trust Building “Meet the Founder” Video

This type of video works very well for eCommerce websites. Have a video on your “About Us” page, or even at the bottom of every page. This video is the founder or CEO looking at the camera and introducing him or herself.

This helps the consumer get to know the company they’re buying from. It changes the website from a faceless corporation to something run by a real person. Ecommerce sites find often find that adding this type of video helps boost conversions significantly. Non eCommerce sites can also use this strategy to increase sales.

I used this very successfully on one of my own software sites as part of the training video series for the software.  We saw an increase in sales and a decrease in support.  Double whammy!

Video Hosting: It Matters

The hosting company you use for your videos can make a big difference on the viewer’s experience. Youtube is teh most common option but if you want a YouTube video to look good you need to know what you are doing.  Make sure they load in HD and adding a nice video player skin to the video can really enhance its look.

One step up from YouTube is Vimeo, they have excellent quality and playback delivery. One more step up is Wistia, which is a versatile video hosting platform, but quite expensive. A good middle ground is to host on Amazing’s S3 servers with a player that plugs into those servers, like Easy Video Player. The latter is more technical to setup, but more affordable than Wistia once it’s up and running.

Your Assignment

Today’s is to add a video into your website.

  • Decide what type of video you’re going to do, write up the script you plan to follow and create your video.
  • Over time you can create a few different videos and split-test them to see which one converts the best.# If you don’t know how to make a video then contact us and we can help make you a nifty little promotional video just like this one.

What We’ve Covered

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Day #3: Improve Your Lead Forms and Increase Signups
Day #4: Your Headline – Your Page’s Most Important Sentence
Day #5: Keep Attention With Strong Transitions
Day #6: Web Design Tips for Better Conversions
Day #7: Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment by Improving Your Checkout
Day #8: Boost Conversions by Managing Expectation and Relevance
Day #9: Master the Art of Creating Urgency
Day #10: Use Video to Boost Trust and Conversions

Coming Up Next

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