When Custom Display URL’s Go Bad

Setting up a Google Adwords campaign has a whole bunch of steps that you can do to improve the click through rate.

One of these is setting up a custom display url so that if you landing page has a long url you can use a nice short tidy custom display url to entice your visitors to click on your ad.

So what this means is if you were selling custom made teacups and your landing page url was http://www.your-site/shopping-cart/category/teacups you could actually make your ad display a nice tidy url like this http://www.your-site/teacups

Your landing page urls still stays the same and Google’s ad platform takes care of the rest.

Pretty simple and straightforward.

google-ad-custom-urlsSo whatever the person who set this custom display url was thinking on the ad I just saw while browsing Google I will never know.

Ah well, I have to say it really made my day!

Don’t make this mistake with your ads!