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Rob McGeachie
Rob McGeachieVirgin Wines & Wine People
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We would definitely recommend JAG Digital

We have been running our PPC campaigns with JAG Digital for quite some time and as a fast growing company we always knew the importance of SEO for our business as well. We engaged JAG Digital to undertake a full review of our current market position compared to our competitors. The insights we gained from the detailed and fact based analysis were a great eye opener for us on the importance of having a solid benchmark plan to get started from. The recommendations were easy to understand and clearly detailed against important metrics that really outlined to us the way to move forward with confidence that we are taking the right steps.

We would definitely recommend JAG Digital for their SEO services as well as PPC management to anyone looking to increase their Search Engine visibility.
Adam Mathews
Adam MathewsHayes Handpiece Australia
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I could not be happier with the whole outcome

We used JAG Digital to help us in creating a new website and then to continue working with us to implement link building to increase our rankings in Google. Our previous website had been up for 3 years and we never received one single online enquiry in all that time.

Within a week of launching our new site we received our first ever online enquiry that led to a substantial maintenance contract that more than covered the cost of using JAG Digital many times over. We’ve seen a significant ongoing increase in online customer interest and an increased client base which we had never achieved with our online presence before. I could not be happier with the whole outcome and would recommend JAG Digitals service to anyone.
Joe Hayes
Joe HayesHayes Handpiece US
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There is nothing out there that compares to JAG

JAG Digital have done an excellent job with the SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media strategy. Prior to using JAG, we were on page 5 for search. Within 3 months they brought us to the #1 spot in our category! We have been setting records on customer acquisition and retention.

We have done a tremendous amount of research on digital marketing companies and there is nothing out there that compares to JAG. We would highly recommend their services.
Mel Banon
Mel BanonBax Property
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Very satisfied with the entire process and the final result

In order to promote our new property development we required a clean website that offered visitors the opportunity to discover more about the townhomes we were building and an easy way to contact our sales agents for more information. JAG Digital took our brief and developed the entire package for us, including the logo, to provide us with exactly what we required to represent the brand in a clean professional image.

The entire process was made as simple as possible for us and we found it easy to communicate our ideas into the reality we envisioned. Very satisfied with the entire process and the final result.
Samara Hill
Samara HillGolden Ark Rescue
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A result better than I expected

When another web design business left me feeling frustrated, stressed and without a functional website for my business I decided to seek more experienced help and that’s when I discovered Jag Digital and Gary. From my first call to Gary, his experience and professionalism were clear. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the technical issues affecting my website were precise, enabling him to quickly identify each issue and employ the most efficient way in which to resolve those issues. With a result better than I expected, I was one very satisfied customer.

Gary has my highest recommendation, his impeccable work ethic and expertise in his field of work is most impressive. I will certainly be utilising JAG Digitals services again for our next project.
Danielle McPharlin
Danielle McPharlinNoosa Boathouse
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Great improvements in our rankings and enquiry levels

JAG Digital have been working on our SEO for almost six months now and we have seen some great improvements in our rankings and enquiry levels.

We really love the transparency that their dashboard offers with the ability to log in and see the actions taken and work performed.

David Weiman
David WeimanWeiman Consulting
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Highly Recommended

Gary has been a colleague and friend in the marketing field for years. He is an outstanding strategist who keenly understands markets, customers and how to create solid business growth. Our collaborative marketing efforts surpassed the results I expected and he was an excellent adviser and partner throughout the process.

Gary helped me achieve a new level in my business and shared key strategies and tactics that have permanently and positively impacted my business growth. He is highly recommended for his business savvy, consulting and advice.

Darren Bundy
Darren BundyO'Brien Electrical
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Great service and highly recommended.

We tried many traditional ways to generate leads and grow our service offering before JAG Digital.

I can genuinely say that the online marketing services from JAG Digital were the best investment we made into any sort of marketing.

We could change our offerings through the season from general electrical to Air Conditioning as the seasons dictated.

Troy Dean
Troy DeanWP Elevation
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Already seen results in only a few days

Working with JAG Digital has helped us craft a stronger and more benefit driven message to our audience which has already seen results in only a few days.

I felt totally confident that Gary was able to see our business objectively and use his own experience to get us moving in a much clearer direction.

His attention to detail around our email marketing sequences has re-energised us and raised the bar.

Deborah Sexton
Deborah SextonRTR Productions
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I wouldn’t hesitate to hire

Gary has never failed to impress me with his knowledge of digital marketing strategies. He excels with his ability to generate traffic through thorough research and experience.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Gary for future projects and would recommend his work without hesitation.

Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider56th Parallel
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Left me satisfied with a great result

Gary is a very thorough and results driven, his professionalism and delivery are impeccable. Able to work to time line and on Budget.

Had many business dealing with Gary, He left me satisfied with a great result every time.


Who We Are

Jackie Durnin

Jackie Durnin

Jackie completed her degree in Law in Dublin Ireland but decided that she wanted to travel and discover what she really wanted to do before settling into a career.

She has a fast paced mind that likes instant results. This drew her to the excitement of PPC campaigns where you could build and launch a campaign to see instant results and traffic for clients.

gary profile shot BandW11aa

Gary Capps

With a background in software engineering and programming, Gary was drawn towards the commercial side of these disciplines and found that by following the right set of processes he could make websites rank well in the search engines.

Gary has applied and honed his technical skills and his commercial acumen, building a number of businesses and working with a diverse range of businesses – from small start-ups to large blue chip companies.

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An Additional $65,000 in One Week

Hayes Handpiece Australia

Client Details:

Hayes Handpiece Australia –

Job Brief:

Hayes operated a franchise that had given them a website as part of their franchise package.  This site had been live for 3 years and had never generated one single online enquiry.

Hayes wanted to update their site to reflect new content and also optimise the site to start producing leads for the business.

Work Done:

We worked closely with Hayes in the redesign of their site to make sure that we incorporated important elements about their business services and most importantly made it easy for new business to contact them.

We optimised the site for specific key terms after undertaking keyword research to identify the right terms for the business and then undertook some targeted link building for the site.


In the first week of launching the new site Hayes received their first ever online enquiry that resulted in a $65,000 order.

Hayes now have number 1 rankings for two of their business key terms as well as first page rankings for several other related terms and continue to receive a steady number of enquiries generated through the new website.

#1 Ranking in Just 15 Days

SEO / Private Client

Client Details:

A local business service provider. Name withheld at request of client for privacy against competitors.

Job Brief:

This client was a local business trying to establish itself in the market.  They had a website that had been built some time ago and while the site looked and functioned well it had not managed to rank very well at all in the search engines. The client wished to improve their rankings for a particular key term in the service field that they offered.

Work Done:

As a local search service it is important to make sure that your domain is targeted toward the area you service.  This client had a .me extension on their domain instead of a extenion which would have identified it as an australian site.

We immediately setup Google Webmaster tools and associated this domain with the target country for Australia.

We also carried out some very targeted link building in industry niche directories that were specific to their business and also location.


Within 4 days the website had moved from position 8-9 up to position 2 in Google.  11 days after that it reached number 1 in Google which it has maintained and the client has been receiving a steady string of enquiries since.

Digital technology has made our world more transparent and interconnected, posing new challenges and opportunities for every business. A holistic, user-centric perspective is what truly sets one apart.

481% Increase in Organic Traffic

SEO / Social Media / Private Client

Client Details:

Client details witheld at client request for privacy.

Job Brief:

The client had a reasonably new domain, around 1 year old which they had been slowly adding some content to.  Traffic was increasing very slowly so they decided to employ a cheap overseas SEO company to undertake some link building for them. The link building that was done by the outsource company was poorly done, spammy and resulted in a major penalty against the site losing them almost all of the rankings and traffic that they had previously had.

Work Done:

In this instance we had to undertake several things to recover this site.

  1. We identified all the spammy links and removed as many of these as possible.
  2. We built new quality links to the site.
  3. We implemented a content schedule.
  4. We implemented a social media strategy to share this content.


The road to recovery was not immediate for this site because the amount of links that had to be removed was significant and that took a lot of time to begin with. Once these had been removed we saw a very quick recovery back to the normal level of traffic in the site.

Daily Organic Traffic Stats:

daily organic traffic drop

Weekly Organic Traffic Stats:

As we continued to add content, build more links and increase the social media presence the traffic levels quickly surpassed the previous highs.

weekly taffic recovery

Monthly Organic Traffic Stats:

3 months after recovery the traffic had continued to climb to new highs of almost 4,000 organic visits per month compared to a previous high of around 800 and it shows no signs of slowing down.


Fixed Total Loss of Site Ranking

Golden Ark Rescue

Client Details:

Golden Retriever Rescue and Rehoming Services – Golden Ark Rescue

Job Brief:

GARA had recently undergone a change in their operation and had become a registered charity.  Along with this they had commissioned another company to build them a new website and setup the new associated .org domain because of their new charity status and move the site and all associated emails to this new domain.

The other company had been in charge of all aspects of the site build and domain ownership but did not setup the correct redirects to update the search engines that he site had moved.

They also allowed the old domain to lapse which was subsequently purchased by another party who bought the domain because it had a good age and also a good number of backlinks pointing to it which they used to setup another site on which was now ranking for GARA’s brand terms.

The result of the activity by the time we were asked to be involved was a complete loss of rankings for GARA at their new site for all their previous terms and also most importantly their brand terms for their business had been lost and all enquiries for fostering Goldens had ceased and the charity was becoming over loaded with animals and no enquiries to re-home them.

Work Done:

As the previous domain had lapsed and been purchased by another party we immediately set to locate the third party by using DNS lookup services.

Once we had contact details for them we negotiated with them to return the domain back to GARA for no more than their out of pocket expenses as we explained the issues that had arisen and the importance of this domain to the GARA charity.

Once the domain name was back under our control we immediately setup permanent 301 redirects from all old pages to the new pages on the new domain.


Within a week Google had re-crawled and re-indexed all pages of the new domain and returned all the previous rankings of the old domain to the new domain.  GARA began receiving enquiries to foster their rescued Golden Retrievers again.