NBN Finally Here!

After a very very long wait NBN is finally in our area.

It’s been a frustrating and long wait, lots of delays from the promised date of several months ago, but finally we got connected a couple of weeks back.

We were with Iinets Naked ADSl package before and getting around 6mb download and 0.5mb upload.  This made uploading large files pretty much impossible and we always had to switch to a mobile Telstra hub which gave us 30mb download and 30mb upload.

The problem with that was always cost at $50 per 5GB of data.

With all the reported problems of NBN we signed up for the best package we could with Iinet for limitless data and 100mb download speeds and 40mb upload speeds hoping we would get at least a quarter of that at 25mb download and 5 mb upload it would be a massive improvement on what we had.

Drumroll to the speeds we actually are getting………..


It definitely fluctuates a fair bit and in the evening time it can drop quite low but overall we are averaging around 40mb download speeds and the upload speed is pretty steady around the 30mb.

The big surprise is the upload speed and this means we can now move a lot of our data to safe and secure cloud storage systems with automated backups off site which was simply never possible before.

If you are not on NBN yet checkout if you are eligible in your area.


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