How NBN Will Help Web Developers On The Sunshine Coast

For the last 6 weeks I have been travelling extensively to numerous countries and it has really highlighted to me how poor our internet is, not just on the Sunshine Coast, but in Australia in general.

With the NBN being rolled out that is obviously having a great impact for those who live in areas that are getting that service but it seems like it will be quite some time until we see it fully integrate into the Sunshine Coast regions.

Building and deploying websites for our clients mean that we need to have a regular and stable internet connection.

Paying for the best service you can is only as good as the connection that you can get serviced to your place of business though, and that pretty much gets controlled by the Telstra line and junction you happen to be on.

I have had multiple neighbours in our area in Noosa that can’t even get a broadband connection as they are told there are simply no connections available for them at the junction box and they have to wait for them to become available.

With more and more houses being built on the Sunshine Coast that doesn’t make it very likely that more will become available.

With the redevelopment of Maroochydores Town Centre over the coming 18 months or so this is expected to attract a lot of business out of Brisbane’s CBD and surrounding areas to the Sunshine Coast.

With the heavy reliance on internet technologies these days any business will require good, fast and reliable internet connections as a must.

The faster the NBN rolls out on the Sunshine Coast the better for all.




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