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NBN Finally Here!

After a very very long wait NBN is finally in our area. It’s been a frustrating and long wait, lots of delays from the promised date of several months ago, but finally we got connected a couple of weeks back. We were with Iinets Naked ADSl package before […]

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The Number 1 To Think ABout When Designing Your Website

Designing a website for your business is an important thing. You want to represent your style, your brand, your products, your team and your all round awesomeness to anyone who happens to visit it. You know so much about your company and the good work that you […]

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How NBN Will Help Web Developers On The Sunshine Coast

For the last 6 weeks I have been travelling extensively to numerous countries and it has really highlighted to me how poor our internet is, not just on the Sunshine Coast, but in Australia in general. With the NBN being rolled out that is obviously having a […]

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10 Point Guide To SEO Copywriting

In order to rank well in the search engines you need to make sure that your content is optimised properly. By following proper copywriting guidelines to optimise the most important elements of your content for SEO you can dramatically increase your chances of ranking in the search engines. […]

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People Ask Google The Strangest Things

Google are always testing different things and in the last few months they have been testing “People Also Ask” where they show other things people have asked in relation to whatever it is you are searching for. This returns results with a drop down option so you […]

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The Number 1 SEO Company In Noosa

Recently we published the open and revealing stats on how we were tracking with our website when we launched and how we were going with our goal to rank for terms like “SEO Noosa“, “SEO Sunshine Coast“ and so on. To be perfectly honest we have been pretty […]

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Small Business Video Sample


Along with providing great SEO, web design and digital marketing advice and training we also create some fun little videos. This is one that we created for our business networking group that we are a part of at BNI Noosa Tradewinds. Our members really enjoyed it and […]

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Why Do Google Have Such Funny Names For Their Updates?

With Google rolling out multiple updates month after month to refine their Search Engine algorithms they do seem to come up with the strangest of names. Pigeon Panda Penguin Hummingbird To name but a few. While it may seem totally strange that they come up with all […]

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How SEO Has Evolved

When I began doing SEO over 10 years ago it was incredibly simple to outrank the competition. Implementing some of the basic on page optimisation factors, then build a ton of links to the site using our keyword as the anchor text and boom, it wasn’t uncommon […]

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Top 3 Ways To Use Facebook Retargeting

If you don’t know what Facebook retargeting is I can guarantee that you have seen it in action. Remember that website you went to where you looked at their cool gadgets and then you suddenly started seeing their posts or ads appearing your news feed offering you […]

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