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Client Details:

A local business service provider. Name withheld at request of client for privacy against competitors.

Job Brief:

This client was a local business trying to establish itself in the market.  They had a website that had been built some time ago and while the site looked and functioned well it had not managed to rank very well at all in the search engines. The client wished to improve their rankings for a particular key term in the service field that they offered.

Work Done:

As a local search service it is important to make sure that your domain is targeted toward the area you service.  This client had a .me extension on their domain instead of a extenion which would have identified it as an australian site.

We immediately setup Google Webmaster tools and associated this domain with the target country for Australia.

We also carried out some very targeted link building in industry niche directories that were specific to their business and also location.


Within 4 days the website had moved from position 8-9 up to position 2 in Google.  11 days after that it reached number 1 in Google which it has maintained and the client has been receiving a steady string of enquiries since.


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