Fixed – Total Loss Of Site Rankings


Client Details:

Golden Retriever Rescue and Rehoming Services – Golden Ark Rescue

Job Brief:

GARA had recently undergone a change in their operation and had become a registered charity.  Along with this they had commissioned another company to build them a new website and setup the new associated .org domain because of their new charity status and move the site and all associated emails to this new domain.

The other company had been in charge of all aspects of the site build and domain ownership but did not setup the correct redirects to update the search engines that he site had moved.

They also allowed the old domain to lapse which was subsequently purchased by another party who bought the domain because it had a good age and also a good number of backlinks pointing to it which they used to setup another site on which was now ranking for GARA’s brand terms.

The result of the activity by the time we were asked to be involved was a complete loss of rankings for GARA at their new site for all their previous terms and also most importantly their brand terms for their business had been lost and all enquiries for fostering Goldens had ceased and the charity was becoming over loaded with animals and no enquiries to re-home them.

Work Done:

As the previous domain had lapsed and been purchased by another party we immediately set to locate the third party by using DNS lookup services.

Once we had contact details for them we negotiated with them to return the domain back to GARA for no more than their out of pocket expenses as we explained the issues that had arisen and the importance of this domain to the GARA charity.

Once the domain name was back under our control we immediately setup permanent 301 redirects from all old pages to the new pages on the new domain.


Within a week Google had re-crawled and re-indexed all pages of the new domain and returned all the previous rankings of the old domain to the new domain.  GARA began receiving enquiries to foster their rescued Golden Retrievers again.


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