481% Increase In Organic Traffic


Client Details:

Client details witheld at client request for privacy.

Job Brief:

The client had a reasonably new domain, around 1 year old which they had been slowly adding some content to.  Traffic was increasing very slowly so they decided to employ a cheap overseas SEO company to undertake some link building for them. The link building that was done by the outsource company was poorly done, spammy and resulted in a major penalty against the site losing them almost all of the rankings and traffic that they had previously had.

Work Done:

In this instance we had to undertake several things to recover this site.

  1. We identified all the spammy links and removed as many of these as possible.
  2. We built new quality links to the site.
  3. We implemented a content schedule.
  4. We implemented a social media strategy to share this content.


The road to recovery was not immediate for this site because the amount of links that had to be removed was significant and that took a lot of time to begin with. Once these had been removed we saw a very quick recovery back to the normal level of traffic in the site.

Daily Organic Traffic Stats:


Weekly Organic Traffic Stats:

As we continued to add content, build more links and increase the social media presence the traffic levels quickly surpassed the previous highs. 02-weekly-taffic-recovery

Monthly Organic Traffic Stats:

3 months after recovery the traffic had continued to climb to new highs of almost 4,000 organic visits per month compared to a previous high of around 800 and it shows no signs of slowing down. 03-monthly-traffic-recovery

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